About / Contact Us

We are a small but energetic and friendly church that invites you to visit! Our church is one block north of the intersection of State Roads 14 and 19 in downtown Akron, Indiana.

Our church is wheelchair accessible! We offer large print hymnals. We invite you to stop in and visit us!

Our Vision:
As a family of God at Akron United Methodist Church, we believe God has called us to prepare ourselves to serve Him in our church, our community, and our world. In the spirit of love we open our doors to all people, offering programs for worship, spiritual growth, education, music, fellowship and service.

Our Mission:
Akron United Methodist Church is a family of God’s people, growing spiritually, making and nurturing Disciples of Christ while serving as a beacon for and responding to the needs of the community.

  9:30 AM Sunday – Sunday School
10:30 AM Sunday – Traditional Worship Service


Pastor David Arnold’s Email:

121 N Mishawaka St
Akron, IN 46910

PO Box 6                                                                                                                                                   Akron, IN 46910
Phone: 574-893-7123
Fax:       574-598-2113

Pastor Pastor David Arnold
Youth Pastor
Church Council Chairperson Kirk Robinson
Lay Leader Don Jones
Missions Chairperson Bonnie Dunbar
Endowment Committee Chairperson Rich Solano
Finance Chairperson Channing Utter
Church Secretary Stacie Gibbs
Trustees Chairperson
Staff-Parish Chairperson
Worship Chairperson
Education Chairperson
Social Events Chairperson Suzie Baker

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