Youth Pastor

Akron United Methodist Church

Akron, Indiana

We are a small United Methodist Church in rural Indiana but applicants need not be United Methodist.  Our church is located one block north of the main intersection of our little town.  You will find our church building to be up to date, with many amenities geared toward supporting a youth program.  We are in search of someone to meet the needs of the youth of our community and church who have been ministered to by our previous youth pastor and his wife.


  • Ability to dedicate at least 20 hours per week to this position with the possibility of expanded hours
  • Ideally the candidate would possess a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Degree in Youth Ministry or some similar degree but non degreed candidates will be considered
  • Ability to work independently as well as alongside the lead pastor of our church
  • Self-starter, energetic, and passionate about youth ministry
  • Interest in expansion and growth of current programs
  • Interest in developing events and programs that will assist in growing the youth ministry


  • Reach out to youth that may have previously participated in the youth program but have drifted away due to staff changes
  • Create events that can be opportunities to invite youth who are not currently part of the church
  • Develop programs to serve the youth and their families
  • Recruit, train, and schedule volunteers to work with children through the programs offered
  • Write, develop or acquire curriculum for teaching through Sunday School, Youth Meetings and/or Kid’s Church
  • Coordinate Vacation Bible School or some similar summer program
  • Coordinate Summer Camp attendance for interested youth
  • Plan and implement fundraisers to provide the necessary funding for activities
  • Plan outings, retreats, and mission trips as appropriate
  • Provide at least weekly meetings for appropriately divided age groups with a Biblical lesson each time
  • Attend worship weekly
  • Attend special events as needed
  • Make yourself available to youth in a variety of ways such as attendance at extra-curricular activities in which active youth are involved, lunch at school, crisis events, and visitation
  • Maintain an irreproachable social media presence in order to connect with church youth and to promote activities and events


  • Build relationships with parents and assist them in their Christian growth
  • Encourage parents to attend church with their children
  • Equip and encourage parents to spiritually nurture their children
  • Help facilitate an environment for families to explore faith and discipleship together

Elementary Children/Middle School Youth/High School Youth

  • Assist youth in learning how to personally study the Bible
  • Assist youth in learning how to use the Bible devotionally
  • Assist youth in learning how to articulate one’s own testimony
  • Teach prayer, how to pray for others and self, and to accept prayer from others
  • Teach a Biblical worldview and how that differs from prevailing worldviews
  • Actively involve youth in serving each other, the church and the community
  • Actively work to integrate all populations of the church with the youth population

Interested parties should contact Akron United Methodist Church at 574-893-7123