Akron United Methodist Church Endowment Fund


The Endowment Fund has been created by our church Charge Conference as a means whereby gifts may be held in perpetuity with earnings only being used. Income from the fund provides Christian mission and ministry in Akron, Fulton County, the state, nation and throughout the world.


The Endowment Fund is managed and promoted by a committee of nine members according to policies set by the church’s Charge Conference. Funds are placed in reputable financial institutions for investment by professional managers. The objective is to invest funds with minimal risk to the principal while providing for moderate capital appreciation.


All gifts will be held in perpetuity. Only the earnings will be distributed to church ministries. All earnings support causes beyond those funded by the church operating budget. Donors have a choice of how they wish their gifts to be used in the ministry of the church. They may designate their gifts to support any of the following:

* Community Outreach * Missions * Education * Music Ministry * Capital Account * Undesignated Fund

A gift in any amount can declare one’s faith and values for years to come. Endowment bequests are in many ways like our children–they become our legacy. They provide a way for our personal ministries to continue to bear fruit long after we have departed from this world.

How Many Ways Are There To Give?

There are different ways gifts can be given to the Endowment Fund. As a donor, you may choose a gifting plan that best suits your financial circumstances and your personal desires. Plans to consider include:

* Tithing Your Estate
* Tax Deductible Annuities
* Memorial and Honor Gift
* Outright Gifts of Cash
* Bequests
* Securities
* Real Property
* Personal Property
* Life Insurance
* Trusts

Endowment gifts are especially suited for persons who wish to make gifts through their estates or during their lifetimes. Tax deductions accompany many gifting plans. Life income gifts offer income to the donor along with the satisfaction of a remainder gift to the Endowment Fund. What persons endow should match their own need as well as the high purpose to which they give.


If you have more questions, someone from the Endowment Fund Committee will be happy to talk with you. Also, the director of United Methodist Foundation Indiana will assist our church and committee in helping members understand the various charitable gift plans and options.

For Additional Information
Akron United Methodist Church
121 North Mishawaka Street
P.O. Box 6
Akron, Indiana 46910


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