From the Pastor’s Pen

From the Pastor’s Pen
Parsonage: 574-893-4252
Pastor Dave


King Solomon was a wise man who thought a lot about the way life goes. He wrote these words in Ecclesiastes 3: “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven”. We all experience  change and transition in life. Sometimes life is exciting and we feel on top of the world, while other times we feel like we have been kicked down a hill. There are times we just want to go away and escape the situation as King David said, “Oh that I could fly away with wings like a dove”.
We must understand the seasons. If we do not understand that there are seasons in life, we may make the wrong assumptions about what is happening in our lives or the reasons for it. God has a plan and a purpose for our life. God has created us to participate in a divine spiritual process of growth and discovery. However, we
cannot see the big picture of God’s work from beginning to end. We are short sighted. In tough times where health, money, friends, marriage are not looking good, we may wonder what is going on. However, God offers to equip us with his Word and His Holy Spirit so that we can endure through all the trials and circumstances in life. It is during the tough seasons that we often grow the most in our character and in our spiritual fortitude. It is difficult to form outstanding character in seasons of great fortune. King David greatest spiritual struggles and fall occurred during the period of his reign when everything was rainbows and unicorns. King David’s growth came during the times he put God first and sought to please God. The Akron UMC is moving toward a season of change. Exactly what that change is or what it will bring is unknown. There will a change in pastoral leadership in the future January. There will be a season of building new relationships. There will be a season of mourning for the church and a season of mourning for me as well. The coming seasons are an opportunity for our own personal spiritual growth as long as we allow God to be our guide through each season. As we prepare for a change of season, there are some principals we should remember and apply during these seasons.
1. No matter what season you are in, no season lasts forever. There is an old saying “This too shall pass. It may  pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass.”
2. Change of seasons is not a sign that you are good or bad person. Life happens. In good times as well as bad times, God is there beside you regardless if you see Him or not.
3. Never let the season you are in define who you are. God’s plans do not change just because the seasons do. God’s plan for Joseph to be a great ruler never changed because Joseph was put in the pit or a prison. (Genesis 37-50)
4. We need to build consistency in every season. Be consistent. Farmers do different work in different seasons. There are times for planting, resting, watering, harvesting. We do the work that matches the season.
5. Learn from every season that you are in. What you learn now will help you when you go through the next season or when you have family/friends go through a season you have experienced.
6. God is at work in every season. We can be confident that God is working things out for our good no matter how things are going in our external world. In the book of Psalm 1: 1-3, the man who meditates on God’s word bears fruit “in its season.”
The bottom line is that no matter what season we are in, God is with us. We have to follow him and work with him to bear fruit in all seasons of life.
Pastor Dave

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