From the Pastor’s Pen


                                                                      September 2021


 Afghanistan is in chaos which is impacting the morale of veterans.  The Delta variant of COVID is spreading across the country impacting the younger population.  Store supply chains are still disrupted due to COVID which increases the price of goods.  The House of Representatives and the Congress are at work to repair the country.  Did I say that out loud? 

We have reached this point via a series of decisions people have made over the last several years.  These decisions have been made at a variety of levels – government and business to name a couple.  It seems that multiple priorities are based on a variety of beliefs which lead to the chaos we are experiencing.  The series of events that resulted from these decisions make us question the morality of humanity.   We need to realize that we can only change or manage the decisions we make.  There is a process to ensure that we make the right decision that leads to the right results.

The starting point is your Attitude.  Attitude is the foundation of life.  You are what you are because of your attitude. The right attitude is one of humility which allows us to be submissive to God.  We focus on thinking about God and not about ourselves.

Second are priorities.  Your priorities are what you view as valuable – what is worth spending your time, money, effort, and energy on.  Our priorities need to be focused on things that are eternal.  Treating people as though they are of sacred value is an example of eternal priority.

Third, decisions. Your attitude will develop your priorities and your priorities will lead you to make decisions. You can analyze decisions to see why you did what you did.  Let’s take a look at Peter and his denial of Christ and why he did what he did.  After the Lord’s supper the disciples got into an argument about who was the greatest.  Peter had an attitude lodged in his mind that made the most important question to him as “Who is going to be the greatest in the Kingdom?  I want to be it.” After all Peter, walked on water.  That lead to a set of priorities that were not God’s priorities, he was making decisions that were leading him astray.  He vowed to Christ that he would go to jail for him and he would die for him.  Later that night after Jesus was arrested, Peter denied Jesus 3 times and the rooster crowed.  That was Peter’s wake up moment.  Along the way in life there is a sudden stop, that sudden wake up moment.  It is like falling from a tree; I have fallen from a tree several times.  The fall never hurts, it’s the sudden stop that is painful.  In life there is always that sudden stop, that wakeup moment when we make that foolish decision.  When that happens, we can work to correct it and learn from it. Peter caught his mistake, he corrected it, he learned from it.  He went on to be a foundational part of the church.

Fourth, actions. We do what we do because we think like we think. In John 13 Jesus knew he was about to go to the Father.  Knowing that he was about to be betrayed, knowing he was going to the Cross, he laid down his garment and washed the disciples’ feet.  That action was so critical based on what he KNEW.  He was re-enforcing that they were to be servants.  They were to serve God.  They have learned, now they were to do, and to teach. We do what we do because we think like we think.

Fifth, results. All actions have results. In order to experience the blessings in life, you have to start with the foundational attitude of humility, which leads to the right priorities which empower you to make right decisions which lead to right actions that produces right results.   In the midst of chaos, we do have some control of the things around us.  We have a loving God who is with us on this journey whether we are on the mountain top or in the valley.



Pastor Dave




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